Original and Affordable Jewellery Gifts for All Tastes

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Gifts From The Crypt has a treasure trove of affordable jewellery available, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and much more.

If you know someone who loves the cult classic Donnie Darko, this budget-friendly Zombie Bunny Ring makes an original gift. Released over 20 years ago, Donnie Darko is a movie about time travel that’s so confusing, even Jake Gyllenhal admitted at the wrap party he had no idea what it’s about!

Surprisingly, Frank, the giant rabbit, was inspired by the animated film Watership Down (1978). Made of stainless steel, this Bunny Ring is available in a number of sizes. It’s just one of the many ‘horror’ inspired pieces of jewellery we have.

Quirky, fun and unique jewellery at accessible prices.

We also have this Guy Fawkes Anonymous Mask Ring which is inspired by V for Vendetta. Adapted from a graphic novel, the Guy Fawkes mask which V wears famously inspired the appearance of the computer hacking group "Anonymous".

Gifts From The Crypt is always introducing new and exciting designs to our website. Recent arrivals include this Six-Piece Cherry Flame Set made with gold-plated alloy. It’s ideal for treating your daughter or granddaughter to pretty and eye-catching rings.

If you’re looking for affordable jewellery gifts, check out our latest collections today.

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