7 Reasons To Choose Our Affordable Jewellery Gifts

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Gifts From The Crypt not only have competitively priced jewellery, we’re currently offering the opportunity to buy two and get one free. Here are another seven reasons to order our competitively priced jewellery this spring:

  1. We have affordable pieces for all tastes and interests, including hip hop inspired jewellery, customisable pieces with a loved-one’s name, and Zodiac necklaces and rings. The latter are ideal for anyone who loves reading their horoscope on a regular basis!
  2. Want to find someone a highly original present? Gifts From The Crypt is always introducing unique and quirky items to our range, such as these gorgeous Vincent van Gogh themed Starry Night Double Rings. Painted from the window of the asylum Vincent was staying in, he made several versions of this iconic painting with the village depicted partly from his imagination. It was first painted in 1888. 
  3. Our jewellery is made with quality materials like stainless steel and sterling silver plated steel alloys. It’s therefore both competitively priced and long-lasting. 
  4. Many of our affordable jewellery gifts are inspired by popular culture, so it’s easy to find products inspired by your loved-one’s favourite music, film or anime comic.
  5. Our collections include sets of pieces like this 6-Piece Yin Yang Angel Ring Set which makes it easy to experiment with different looks. 
  6. With our hip hop jewellery collection, it’s easy to pay homage to your favourite artist, whether it’s 2Pac or Biggie Smalls.
  7. We offer free shipping on all orders in the UK, making us ideal for people on any budget.
If you’re looking for affordable jewellery gifts, don’t forget to take a browse through our latest collections today.

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